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More on Feeding a Horse Magnesium

It has been a month since I started feeding a horse  di magnesium malate supplement my horses. What a difference! Remi, my Yang Ming horse temperament gelding, had been on magnesium oxide for over a year so he did not show a big change but both Tess and Cerise are different creatures. When my hoof … Continue Reading »

Feeding a horse extra magnesium

Had a great ride on Cerise today and I credit this to increasing the level of magnesium in her diet. Who would have thought that feeding a horse extra magnesium would make such a difference but for the past several months Cerise has been tense and tight when I worked her. I actually contacted my … Continue Reading »

Fire Horse Temperament: Willing to please on their terms

My wonderful Fire horse temperament mare, Cerise, loves to be praised but she prefers charitable giving to being forced to comply. When I ask her nicely to do something and she is in the mood she will give it her all. On the other hand, if she is not feeling good or is having a … Continue Reading »

Horse Temperament: Skeletons in the closet

My Yang Ming(Metal/Earth) horse temperament has lots of skeletons in his closet. He has been doing so well recovering from his traumas as an x roping and barrel horse. He has gotten very comfortable here at the farm and can handle trail rides well. The challenge is taking him to  arenas. In his roping and … Continue Reading »

Horse temperament: Remi on the Texas Star trail ride

Remi, my Yang Ming horse temperament gelding, has finally decided his life here with me is OK. I have had Remi three and a half years and it has taken him this long to trust I am not going to mistreat him. Remi has a checkered past as a roping and barrel racing horse. Although, … Continue Reading »

Horse personality: Why they balk and rear

I was having a nice ride on Cerise this morning until I asked her to bend and move forward at the same time. As a Fire horse personality, Cerise has her own ideas about how to do things and bending and moving off my leg is something she does not agree with. It is not … Continue Reading »

Fire horse temperament – Response to stuck feet

I had a fantastic horsemanship lesson with my Fire horse temperament mare, Cerise, yesterday. My trainer, Linda Hoover, was in town and even though the weather was freezing I wanted to ride. I have been stuck for a while with helping Cerise carry herself in good posture through all gaits and up and down transitions. … Continue Reading »

Horse temperaments – Forgiving or not!

I had an interesting experience last week. I have been working hard with counting cadence and getting in timing with my horse’s feet. I have been doing pretty well with the trot and lope but the walk was giving the trouble. I could get the rhythm but I kept getting out of timing with the … Continue Reading »

No more bucking for Remi

I took Remi to a horsemanship clinic with Tom Curtain this weekend. I have not ridden Remi in over a month because of weather, travel and my health so I was really asking a lot of him. I have been letting him and Tess come along on the few rides I have made on Cerise … Continue Reading »

Does Your Horse Want A Divorce?

In developing the Five-Element typing system my intention is to help people better understand their horses and handle them in ways most suited to each horse. The obvious next step is to actually change the way we approach our horses once we have determined their type. Let’s look at this from the horse’s point of … Continue Reading »

Bull in a china closet

The Yang Ming(Metal/Earth) horse temperament is prone to getting into trouble and getting hurt in the process. Whether it is a foot hung in the fence or puncture wounds from sharp objects these horses are accident prone. The Wood horse temperament will tear things up but it is done on purpose and they rarely get … Continue Reading »

Remi finally relaxes

I took Remi to the lake today but we did not have time to swim. I was looking to test my new approach to his spookiness. I had been coddling him when he got tense and trying to show him he could trust me to take care of him. That approach would have been perfect … Continue Reading »

Don’t confuse horse personality with horse temperament

In the Five Element horse temperament typing I focus a lot on picking the right match for a particular person or event. The horse typing test is designed to help people know what horse will be best for them or what kind of horse they already have. What I have not done so much is … Continue Reading »

Remi goes swimming

One on the advantages of having Remi a barefoot horse again is that I can take him swimming in the lake without having to worry about him pulling shoes off in the mud. The temp has been over 100 for the past week so this morning my friend, Sharon, and I went to the lake … Continue Reading »