Bud Aug 20, 2009

Bud across the fence from my gang

Bud across the fence from my gang

Bud is coming along very well. He has not had any obvious discomfort for over 3 weeks and I feel his gut is finally on the mend. He is able to handle larger meals and is close to being on free choice low starch Kool and Kalm. He gets his beet pulp 3 times a day.

Bud has really started to show more personality. He is spending part of most days out in the pasture next to my horses but in order to go out he has to have his muzzle on. When I go to let him out he comes walking up but as soon as he sees the muzzle he stops and turns his back on me. I can tell he is not happy but he never gives me any grief when I put it on and he does not try to rub it off.

Once out in the pasture, Bud runs around like a fool and has a great time. I don’t see how he can do it in this heat but he has the energy. I was hoping to try Bud on some timothy hay but unfortunately his food sensitivity test came back border line to it and rice bran, along with the coastal and alfalfa hay. He is doing so well I am afraid to introduce anything that he is remotely sensitive to.

Bud’s manure is a little cow patty like which is a change from the lumpy manure he had before I realized he was sensitive to the alfalfa and coastal hay. I suspect this is because he does not have much non soluble fiber in his diet to give the manure more structure.

My plan is to keep Bud here until we start to have some cooler weather and maybe some grass for him to eat when he goes home. I have found fresh grass to help almost all digestive disorders in horses. Bud still gets his aloe and slippery elm and powdered algae blend. I add some cooked carrots to his beet pulp but I can only cook these when my brother is at the house otherwise I forget they are on the stove and burn them. I figure a little added charcoal won’t hurt him:). Madalyn

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