August 2016 – Mid Month Update

August 2016 – Mid Month Update

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In This Issue:
1. Horse Temperament: Using balancing formulas during extreme weather
2. New at Holistic Horsekeeping – Coming Soon


1. Horse Temperament: Using balancing formulas during extreme weather

Madalyn on horseTraditional Chinese Medicine recognizes the effects of weather conditions on different constitutional temperament types. Horses also react differently to weather conditions depending on their constitutional temperament type. A Fire horse temperament will struggle with hot weather. An Earth is challenged with dampness and humidity. A Metal horse will suffer more during dry conditions. A Water horse does not do well in the cold and a Wood horse shows more issues when it is windy.

During normal weather variations you can predict which temperament types will be stressed, but with extreme weather conditions any temperament type can have trouble. If your horse lived in the wild he would be able to partake of select weeds or browse what would help him balance his system. The balancing formulas offer the nutrients needed during stress from specific environmental conditions. Using the indicated balancing formula for all temperament types during extreme weather can help avoid ill effects or even illness.

Here are some examples of ill effects of extreme weather that can affect any temperament:

Extreme heat – Stress colic, anhydrosis, heat stroke

Extreme dampness – stocking up, fungal and bacterial infections, parasite infestation, muscle stiffness

Extreme dryness – impaction colic, respiratory allergies, anhydrosis, dry skin and hooves

Extreme cold – bone and joint pain, back soreness

Extreme wind – Itchy skin and eyes, shifting lameness, irritability, nervousness

A healthy horse can handle extreme weather conditions for a few days but when conditions persist they create imbalances in the system that will show up as symptoms. Some symptoms can be short lived and others such as anhydrosis or parasites can have lasting ill effects on health. Giving a daily dose of the Fire formula for heat, the Earth formula for Dampness, the Metal formula for dryness, the Water formula for cold and the Wood formula for wind will help your horse maintain his internal balance. Continue the formulas for as long as your horse accepts them willingly. If your horse eats a portion of the formula and leaves part then cut back to a half dose. Better to prevent problems than treat them.

2. New at Holistic Horsekeeping – Coming Soon

Get ready for our new website that will be launching soon. We are excited that the new site will be mobile friendly and easier to navigate to find what you are looking for. We’ll still have all the great resource articles and information and the natural supplements we offer will stay the same, but you will be able to order quicker from your computer or right from your tablet or Smart phone! Be watching as we change our look very soon.

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