Are you and your horse a team?

While watching the Dallas Cowboy football team implode yesterday I finally heard the commentators saying something I have been thinking for over a year. For about the last five years I, like many other Cowboy fans, have been disappointed when the team in the NFL with the most talent again underperforms. What the commentators finally stated was that these super stars did not play together as a team. A few of the players consistently turned in solid performances but others had moments of glory then the next play would do something that hurt the team. Key penalties, dropped passes or missed blocks soon negated the gains of previous superstar plays. So while each individual might be great in himself he was not a match for the other team members. One of the expert commentators said consistent solid team players often beat superstars. I could not agree more.

I see this with horse sports as well. I see people who are talented riders spend huge sums of money on a great horse but together they don’t win. Each is capable of winning on their own but together they may have an occasional success but more often they turn in a lackluster performance. They are not a good match so they do not make a good team. In many cases, the most successful competitors are good but not great riders, perfectly matched with good but not great horses. These teams can rise to the top against better riders and horses by turning in consistent performances.

Not only can these horse and rider teams win but they seem to have much more fun in the process. I have developed a horse temperament typing system and horse temperament test to help people find a good match for them In addition to conformation and talent, horse testing can help pick an individual that can be a partner that will work for you when the going gets tough. Horse testing can help you find a horse that will be fun for you to work with. Good horseman know how to work with all types of horse temperament but even the best have some horses they click with and have the most success with. If you are not in the market for a new horse you can still do the horse test with the one you have and perhaps learn some things that will help you and your horse work better as a team.

I will continue to watch the Dallas Cowboys because I enjoy seeing the athletic performances of the superstars but I will not get my hopes up for their long term success. Madalyn

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