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Is your personality type holding you back

One of the most useful skills I have learned while building my network marketing business is how to recognize different types of people. There are many systems for typing people including the Five Element one my horse typing system is based on. If I were looking to develop a personal relationship I would use the … Continue Reading »

Workouts verses regular exercise

I was on my regular Monday night Xango training call and one of our trainers was talking about helping new people get started in network marketing. Because doing network marketing in a professional way requires developing certain skill sets, Mike made the comparison of starting a network marketing home based business to beginning a workout … Continue Reading »

Educating verses persuading

My network marketing mentor is a master at edification. The dictionary definition of edification is instruction; especially moral or spiritual instruction or improvement. Edify means to build or construct, to build or establish. An edifice is a building, especially a large one of imposing appearance: often used figuratively.   In network marketing edification is used … Continue Reading »

Who is a match for you?

I spent much of the day yesterday calling some new leads for network marketing and following up on some past ones. I will admit this is not my favorite part of this business but it is getting easier for me to do. I have learned from talking to hundreds of leads that there are some … Continue Reading »

How Are Adult Diapers Like MLM?

How Are Adult Diapers Like MLM? Guest post, Stephanie I recently snapped a picture of the adult diaper aisle from a local store in my town. I took this picture because, as I stood there and watched several women dart in and grab diapers with some hesitation, I realized that there was a link between … Continue Reading »

Does Owning a McDonalds Franchise Make You a Hamburger Salesman?

Many times when I talk to new potential business partners for my network marketing business I get the response that they don’t want to sell. I ask them, “Does owning a McDonalds franchise make you a hamburger salesman?” I think not. Even if people know you own McDonalds franchises they are not likely to come … Continue Reading »