We the people

The constitution of the United States starts out with We the People. Not we the government, we the special interests groups, we the politicians, we the large corporations or we the financial institutions. It begins We the People and it will be We the People(guided by God) who turn this world around.

If you think the “people” don’t have power anymore you are not paying much attention. Look at all the movements that have happened in the last few years that have gone forward without and in some cases against the powers that be. For example:

The holistic medicine movement

The barefoot horse movement

The organic food movement

The social media movement(internet forums, blogs, facebook, twitter, etc.)

These are just a few and I predict a few more such as:

The self sufficient home movement

The barter movement

The neighborhood coop community movement

The entrepreneur movement

The last one, the entrepreneur movement, is most exciting to me right now. I listen to the news and hear the constant argument between whether it will be the government or the private sector business job creation that will save us. It will be neither! Both of these systems are broken and out dated. Sure we will still need government and businesses but we can do more by interacting with each other directly.

When we trust in our own selves to find a home based business to build or create and do business directly with people in our country and abroad we will put income back in our hands and take back control of our lives and have the ability to help others directly around us who are less fortunate. Not only can we control our income by how hard or smart we work but we also control how much is taken away from us by taxes. Home based businesses are taxed differently than job income so with fair deductions claimed we can keep more of your hard earned money.

I don’t hate big business, government, special interest groups or politicians, I just think they are not what will control my future. Because I have a network marketing business that has no employees, no inventory, no infrastructure I have to provide and good tax benefits I can live me life well despite all the whoopla going on in the world.

I am a 50/50 partner with my company, Xango. They provide the product, infrastructure, delivery, legal team and business savvy. I provide the marketing. We support each other and have the interests or each other at heart. My success depends on the success of my company and my other team members. Together:

We give anyone willing to work the opportunity to build a residual income.

We offer anyone the opportunity to support their health by being proactive rather than waiting for the government to pay for them for being sick.

We feed poor people in developing nations through our food pack program and humanitarian programs.

We bring people together in all parts of the world through our international expansion.

We the People at Xango are creating an entrepreneurial movement! You are invited to join. Madalyn

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