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This last week I had my usual Tues. vet appointments cancel because the barn had a virus going through it. I was excited to have some extra time to devote to my networking. I am very excited about some new programs my company is offering and I have thought of some new people to add to my prospect list.

I resisted the temptation to spend my extra time riding because I felt like my energy was more on my networking. I had some good conversations and had a few people wanting to watch our new live webinar and do 3 way calls. At the end of the week, however, I only had one person actually get on the webinar and he decided he did not want to go forward with our scheduled 3 way call.

On Friday I found myself pretty demoralized. Instead of my usual 10 to 15 hours a week I had actually put in more like 20 to 25 and felt I had nothing to show for it. Plus I did not have any income from my usual vet work and I had not ridden my horses. Luckily, my networking times magazine arrived in the middle of my pity party and I started reading it.

I am rarely disappointed in the networking times articles and this issue is especially excellent. The whole issue is about elevating the network marketing profession and making it more accepted by the mainstream business community. Many of my favorite authors and other thought leaders are highlighted.
Here are a few quotes from these leaders on their take on network marketing.

John Assaraf, coauthor of New York Times best seller The Answer
“There are those who will shy away from network marketing because of its past, and then there are those who will make their fortunes because they can forget the past and see the future.

Michael Gerber, author of New York Times best seller The E Myth
“Network marketing provides a purely democratic, highly entrepreneurial, deeply authentic and simple model for successful living. In network marketing, your success or your failure is completely up to you… In network marketing you’re not in the business of simply selling products or a business opportunity, you’re in the transformation business.”

Ivan Misner, author of the New York Times best seller Truth or Delusion? and founder of BNI
“During the last recession, I watched thousands of businesspeople grow and prosper because they made a conscious decision not to participate in a recession. They succeeded by developing their networking skills and learning how to build their businesses through word of mouth-an important key to success and the most cost effective form of advertising there is.”

Sen. Orrin Hatch, six-term and current Republican Senator from Utah and former chairman of the Senate Labor and Human Resources committee
“During these difficult economic times, there is no doubt that the entrepreneurial spirit of network marketing companies and its sellers helps keep the American dream alive. It is this same spirit that will lift our country out of our current economic crisis. The hard work, tenacity and boundless energy of our country’s direct sellers never cease to amaze me. We need you now more than ever.”

I have pages and pages more of these comments but I think you get the idea. I am proud to be in network marketing and this keeps me going when I have a slow period in my business. I would not have the same lifestyle I have now if I had not been introduced to network marketing and like many others I did not understand it well in the beginning either. Thanks heavens for networking times to keep my mind where it needs to be. Madalyn

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