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Refined Horsemanship: How to catch a horse

Details are so important in refined horsemanship including how to properly catch a horse. Punkin, my new welsh pony, did not want to be caught. He was easy to catch in the trailer when he was delivered, but once he was loose in a pen he was not so good. Punkin would wheel and take … Continue Reading »

Horsemanship: Riding the spook and the one reined stop

No place is horsemanship more important than in the first few rides on a colt. I was riding with some friends this last weekend and one was on a colt for only his fifth ride. We were reviewing the importance of the one rein stop. The one rein stop is an important horsemanship skill to … Continue Reading »

Holistic Horse Health: How’s your horsemanship?

I have known for many years that horsemanship is an important part of any holistic horse health program. I started my journey of understanding horsemanship about 25 years ago when I was introduced to Linda Tellington Jones. Following LTJ came my good friend Linda Hoover who introduced me to horsemanship icons such as Ray Hunt, … Continue Reading »