Horseman’s Health: Your Repair and Rejuvenation System

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Guest Author: Mark Seagars
What are Stem Cells?
Adult stem cells are the “blank checks” of your repair and rejuvenation systems. They can become any type of cell including eye, heart and even brain cells. Found in many tissues, they are very abundant in blood, bone marrow, and other organs.
As we age, we produce fewer, less active stem cells. Additionally, they are more prone to oxidative damage which can lead to ‘cancer’ stem cells. As you age, your body won’t have the stem cell numbers or activity to replace older, dying cells. This is one of the main reasons we age.
Stem Cell Therapy
Also called Regenerative Medicine, stem cell therapy is popular for the cosmetic side effects of aging. But this type of therapy has many other applications for good health. There are many studies proving that adult stem cells can repair, and in some cases, completely replace, damaged tissue and even organs.
Proven benefits include: Improving vision·Healing from brain injury·Repairing pancreatic dysfunction·Replacing damaged joint tissues 
Adult stem cells are currently being used to treat over 70 diseases, including more than 25 types of cancer! It is considered to be an upcoming field of replacement for organ transplants.
Types of Stem Cell Therapy
Bone marrow transplants are the first form of and are still most common type of stem cell therapy.
There are several options for harvesting stem cells from your fat or your blood; then cultivating them and injecting them back into your body.All of these options are expensive and have some potential dangers. By far and away, the safest and most cost effective way to increase the numbers and activity of your own adult stem cells is the use of targeted nutritional supplements.
Stem Cell Supplements
Certain foods and nutrients are proven to help increase the health, activity and vitality of adult stem cells. These include: Blueberries, Vitamin D3, Green Tea, AFA algae, Brown algae
In the last decade, research has led to several formulas being created. Their goal is to increase the numbers, viability and activity of your own adult stem cells. Some formulas have multiple scientific studies proving their efficacy such as New Earth’s Renew.  Others have little to no science proving their effectiveness.
I have been using a stem cell enhancement formula for over 15 years. It has made tremendous, positive differences in my health. Some of the benefits I’ve received include: Better bone health, Better muscle tone, More complete recovery from surgery, Increased strength, Increased stamina. No mistake–I am still aging. I still feel my decades! However, compared to what I was told to expect by my doctors, after a difficult spinal surgery, my quality of life is a near-miracle of good health.
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Renew can also be fed to horses and supports their body in healing response to injuries (especially ligament injuries) and organ damage. Renew also shows promise for horses with contracted heels and other chronic health conditions.