The Metal Dog

August 2022 – Mid-Month

Holistic Horsekeeping
How to have a healthy happy horse (Or Dog) Dr. Madalyn Ward

When you think about a Metal dog you can think about a German Shepard. This dog is all about honor and duty. Always on guard and ready to defend his territory and people. A balanced Metal dog is loyal and obedient. The organs associated with Metal are the Lung and Large Intestine. 

When a Metal dog is out of balance he can become overly rigid and hyper vigilant. Really, it is just the school bus that comes by every day at exactly this time. There is no need to sound the alarm as if a home invasion was in progress. I love Focus hemp for the overly protective Metal dog. Just a few drops a day over time really helps settle the Metal dog down. 

The Metal dog can have a weak or overactive immune system. A tendency to allergies that are manifested in the respiratory system or skin is one sign of imbalance. My Metal dog does amazing on 1 capsule a day of a product called Defend for immune and digestive support. This product is mushroom based and also good for the large intestine.

The Metal dog is tough and does well on a grain free diet that has a slightly higher fat content. Flax or hemp oil can be added to the diet if the coat loses its luster for the stool seems a little hard. Like the Metal horse, too much green food does not seem to agree with this constitution. 

The Metal dog wants a job and enjoys working. This type dog does not need a lot of other dogs around and is content to spend time by himself when not “on duty”.