XanGo Update Newsletter June 2012

Just in case you haven’t checked into Xango lately, we want you to know there are a lot of great new products and some changes we believe you’ll really like!
Of course we hope you’re still drinking the most powerful (and delicious) antioxidant mangosteen-based supplement drink on the market – the original Xango juice.



In this issue:

  1. New “green” Xango bottles! (No, they’re really still red!)
  2. Concentrated Xango Reserve juice available now
  3. “Limitless” energy drink mix, the latest product in the Favao System
  4. The Stress Test – and what to do about it!

Did you know:
1. XanGo juice is now in lighter plastic bottles! BPA-free: see

2. XanGo Reserve is now available (concentrated, more Xanthones!)

3. The newest product is “Limitless”
Now available:   Taste-good mangosteen-based energy drink mix – only $30 for 20 servings! Add to your water or juice. Get up and Go XanGo!

Limitless is part of the comprehensive Favao weight loss system – and it really works: http://favao.com/program/favao-success-stories. You can also just enjoy Limitless on its own.

Here’s the word from 100K John Stetler:


Have you ever heard the saying “you are what you eat”? I had, but never gave it as much importance as I should have. At age 63, I felt rotten. Low energy, low libido, low drive…just plain LOW EVERYTHING. I talked to my Naturapathic Doc, who told me that when he feels rotten, he knows he’s been eating all the wrong things in the wrong balance, like too many carbs, not enough lean protein, too many empty calories, and not enough of the right kind of exercise. He urged me to clean up my eating. That’s when I decided to commit to the Favao Plan, completely.

Since then I have been exercising 5 days a week, taking ALL the products in the Plan, and following the meal plans to the letter.. My results? Within just 4 weeks I had energy  like I had 10 years ago, I felt younger, and was once again excited about life! I can’t wait to see you all at the next Xango event, and hear you say “Wow, John you look 10 years younger! What in the world are you doing?”

Coveted award given to Xango for the Favao weight loss system!
XANGO, LLC, has been awarded the 2012 ETHOS Award in the Wellness Sub-Category with its FAVAO total lifestyle reset program, Direct Selling Association (DSA).

Unlike ineffective “magic” pills and fad diets on the market, FAVAO takes a different approach to weight management by focusing on three core principles: carefully formulated supplements, a healthy, delicious meal plan, and simple, straightforward workouts designed to help consumers meet their goals.

4. Stuck in stress? Here’s Dr. Madalyn Ward’s advice:

Take this quick “stress test”:
Do you ever wonder why you can’t get to sleep at night?
Why you feel so full after even a small meal?
Do you sometimes feel jumpy for no reason?
Have trouble focusing?
Do small aggravations affect you more than they should?

If you answered yes to several of these questions you may have an imbalance in your autonomic nervous system.  The autonomic nervous system has 2 modes, sympathetic which is the fight or flight reflex or parasympathetic which is relaxation. Even though we don’t have to run for our lives or fend off hungry wolves, our nervous system is still geared for when these kinds of things did happen.

Back in our caveman days if we had to flee or fight to survive we released major stress chemicals into our blood when we were threatened. Assuming you were fast or strong you survived and the stress chemical levels in your blood were used up during the physical activity. When the fight or flight chemicals cleared out of the blood a person could relax and go have a nice meal or get a good night’s sleep.

Our lives now are different. We don’t have as many life-threatening events but we have many smaller shocks such as losing a job, dealing with a teenager, wrecking the car or finding out we need a new roof on the house. Each time we experience stress, the body releases stress chemicals. If the stresses come close together, the chemical levels never drop back to normal so the body can’t shift into relaxation.

We call this “stuck in stress!”

Don’t think you’re alone, “stuck in stress” is common in today’s fast-paced world. Luckily there is a gentle, botanical formula that can help the body shift into relaxation mode. Eleviv is not a tranquilizer or sedative but simply helps the body bring the level of stress hormones back down. When stress hormones are high the body can’t properly digest food or enjoy deep sleep. As the stress hormones come back down, digestion and sleep can normalize again. Two to six Eleviv a day will bring you into balance. Very naturally!

Madalyn Ward, DVM

Next month:
More Xango news and updates, plus some stories from people just like YOU! (Send us your stories, we’ll include them with your permission! Reply to this email or send stories to Newsletter editor, hannahi@tidewater.net.)


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