Stuck in Weed Eater Hell

All I wanted to do was whack a few weeds at my gate. I had my weed eater tuned up, I made sure I had plenty of gas and extra string. The weed eater worked fine the day before but now it refused to start. I was stuck in weed eater hell!

I checked the primer and it showed gas flowing freely. I had gas in the tank, the spinner was moving easily. I followed the starting sequence over and over but nothing. After significant frustration I stopped and just sat with it. I asked God, what am I missing here? Simple answer, turn the darn thing on.

It seems with my weed eater that sometimes when you hit the stop switch it flips back on and other times it stays shut off. Flipping the switch to on solved my starting problems. Of course, this got me thinking. How many times do I think I am switched on to God’s will but in reality I am turned off. All my best efforts to solve my problem did nothing until I turned on the switch.

I believe we have heaven on earth when we are switched on to God and hell when we disconnect. Lots of little things, like traffic jams, unexpected expenses, relationship problems, etc, cause us to switch off but then just as quickly we switch back on again. Other times we can have larger issues that, if we let them, can turn us off to God in such a way that we need to consciously flip the switch back on. Examples might be a death of a loved one, major financial setback or breakup of a meaningful relationship. Trying to solve these problems without God is totally frustrating. Prayer is the best way to turn on the God energy.

How do you I know I am turned on to God? I would love to say that when I am turned on to God that everything in my life works out perfectly but it does not work that way. The way I know when I am turned on to God is the peace I feel no matter what is happening in my life, even weed eater hell. Madalyn

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