Windows, windows and more windows

The first thing we had to do with the apartment was to cut out the doors and windows through the walls of the barn. My MD barn is made of 3/4 inch plywood sandwiched between two layers of metal. When the windows were cut out I realized I was not getting the light and view I wanted so right off the bat I aggravated my carpenters and contractor by insisting on adding 4 more windows. Of course, I did not have ordinary windows but some special order ones to work with the barn walls. I had to listen to the gripping about the extra windows for several months. First, my carpenters did not want have to cut any more into the metal barn. I have come to understand that carpenters do not do metal. Then we had to wait for the extra windows to get in the finish some of the framing. In my mind, I would have worked on other projects but it seems that carpenters only do things in a certain order. Then I had to hear about how the windows were going to need metal trim on the outside because they did not fit properly into the holes that had been cut. I think this was also my fault in some way that I have not exactly figured out. By this time I had learned my lesson and enlisted the help of my barn mover who does do metal.

Finally all the windows were put in and it was worth all the headache. I have a great view and lots of light. My carpenters are happy to be working with wood and we are moving forward quickly. Madalyn

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