July 1st I moved to my new property. The house was not finished but I had this idea that me living on the property would somehow encourage the workers to finish up. Evidently, this was a totally wrong impression. After being told it would only take a few days to finish I was still waiting 6 weeks later to move in. Thank heavens my friend, Brenda, brought her living quarters horse trailer for me to stay in. The little portable building I had planned to stay in a few days proved quite inadequate.

Regardless of the difficulty I was still so happy to be at my new place. I could oversee the workers much better and my diesel bill was not over $600 each month. If you have never tried to live in a place that is under construction you can’t imagine the frustrations. I could not find anything and about the time I would get something located I would come home from calls and everything would be moved to a new place. I could not even find my nutritional supplements half the time and if I ever had any doubt they keep me going I don’t anymore. Normally I have an iron stomach but the frustrations and endless decision making took its toll. I was sure I was well on the way to an ulcer and I can tell you from personal experience that stomach soother, probi and green clay really do work. Once I found all my supplements and got back on my regular program I did not have any further problems.

About the decision making. Towards the end of this project I got to point where I could not think at all. I would see someone headed my way and start looking for places to hide. If was no longer of interest to me if the caulk on the baseboards was not a perfect match. I simply wanted to job done and the sooner the better. The poor tile man that came on at the last minute did not like the way the bathroom had been done to prepare for the tile. He said to have the carpenters tear out what they had done and do it differently. To his distress I almost broke down completely. The thought of tearing something out that I had fought to get done in the first place was more than I could handle. He was very understanding and suggested we pospone the project until I was ready. To this day the bathrooms do not and tile and may never have tile. Madalyn

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