Variety in a horse’s diet

I am working on a Five Element feeding book and I am very excited about encouraging people to grow vegetables and herbs as food for their horses. The drought we are having right now has pointed out to me how much I depend on my horses having some native pasture to balance out their needs. Even though I have upped my horses blue green algae they still don’t have as much bloom on their coats as I would like to see.

Most of our horses don’t get nearly enough variety in their diets. We try to feed them a perfectly balanced diet but it is usually made up of formulated or processed foods. I don’t think we will ever be able to achieve true health in our horses until at least a portion of their food is fresh and from a variety of sources. I see no reason why horses can’t eat cabbage, squash, pumpkin, watermelon, etc. on occasion in addition to their usual food. We know they love carrots. What about some fennel or fenugreek to spice up a bland meal?

I have been blessed lately with being able to have more home grown produce, yard eggs, fresh herbs and goat milk in my diet. I can tell a huge difference in my energy and overall health. I have not had enough extra to share with the horses but I am planning a garden as soon as I get a yard fence up. I feel a bit guilty getting all the fresh food while my animals have nothing fresh. Even the goats are out of browsing forage.

I give the chickens some fresh sprouts but don’t have the space to sprout grains for the horses. I visited with the developer of the TheracellEQ products and she confirmed what I suspected that enzymatically active foods like spouted grains have about 15 times the available nutrients of conventionally prepared foods. This helps explain why I see such good results with small amount of products like powdered algae and probiotic blend and other bluegreen algae products.

I would not waste my time feeding a horse store bought conventionally grown vegetables. They would not likely add much benefit and might contain harmful chemicals. Fresh is best. Madalyn

Anything fresh here?

Anything fresh here?

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