Bud gets a muzzle

I am not sure about this

I am not sure about this

Bud’s muzzle came in and it seems to be a good fit. He is not that impressed but has not tried to get it off. I let him out for about 2 hours yesterday and he got to hang out across the fence from the horses when they went down to the lower pasture. Bud is certainly feeling well enough to run away when I went to bring him in.

Bud is doing well but he still can’t handle lots of hay. I have him at about 1 and 1/2 flake of alfalfa each day and the rest of his feed is Low Starch Kool and Kalm. The weather is still over 100 every day so that is not helping him.

I am still thinking food sensitivities in Bud and plan to send bloodwork in on Monday. He got a few bites of coastal last week when he ran past me and grabbed some. He was a bit sick the next morning but not bad. If Bud is OK with beet pulp on the blood test I would like to add this and see if I can get his fiber digestion working a bit better.

A nice cold front or hurricane to shift our weather would help. All the animals and people are stressed and cranky. Madalyn

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