Turning things over

When I am spending my regular prayer time with God there is a theme which appears repeatedly. It is God asking me why I work so hard and don’t let him do more. Well after many vague answers and excuses He asked me differently this morning. He asked why it was so easy for me to let him do the work on the horses.

You see I never struggle or get tired when treating horses. I may get tired driving to the barns or discussing the cases with owners or dealing with writing up the tickets but not working on the horses. To my amazement I was able to answer the question quickly and with confidence. I have a solid skill set to draw on when I work on the horses. I feel God has sent me the best teachers and mentors for my horse work and I feel confident in my skills but I don’t try to figure things out. When I approach a horse I open up for total direction by God.

There may be others who can heal by simply laying on hands and but for me it does not work that way. If God tells me to check the lateral meniscus on the right stifle I know where to go and what to do because I have acquired these skills but I always realize it is God who is doing the healing.

With this insight I plan to turn over other areas where I may not have as large a skill set but where I have not depended on God use the skills I do have. I love to learn and now I better understand that the learning is not to make me better but to make me less important. In other words, it is not about me figuring everything out but acquiring skills so I can be a better conduit and then getting out of the way. Duh! Madalyn

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