Setback for Bud – my food sensitivity horse

Bud, my food sensitivity horse, has had a severe setback. Bud was doing fantastic and had gained so much weight he was almost too fat. His blood work had improved as far as his blood count and I felt the ulcers in his gut were almost healed.

The follow up food sensitivity testing showed most foods coming back into the negative range. His wheat allergy had increased even though he was no getting any wheat but I suspected one of the grasses might have been cross reacting. We were taking Bud out to graze about 1 hour a day and he seemed to be handling this well.

I did have one concern and that was the protein levels in his blood were still high and this indicated he was still producing too many antibodies. I felt he was still going to be prone to developing more sensitivities unless these levels came down.

The setback started when I turned my horses out in my back pasture where Bud could not see them. I thought he would be OK having the goats for company. He paced the fence so I tried turning him out in my middle pasture when he could keep my guys in view but he paced the fence line between the pastures. I did not want him wearing himself out so I brought him back up to his pen where at least he could not pace such a large distance.

I noticed Bud was backing off some on his eating so I started keeping my horses up at night and only turning them out during the day so they would be with him more. This plan worked well and Bud settled down until we had a major cold front blow in. Bud stopped eating completely and began to lay down and look at his side like he did when he first came. Unfortunately, the added stress had tipped him into a full blown enteritis which means his intestines were severely inflamed and painful.

I decided to put on his muzzle and turn Bud out with my horses. I felt that he could not handle any more stress. I understand his inability to handle stress is what triggered his attacks. I am learning so much about this condition but I want to see Bud back on the mend. I have started Bud on the treatment dose of 1 ounce KLPP three times a day and 1TBS UF three times a day. He is responding slightly but he is still very sick. I also have him on an herbal product to help him handle stress without such a destructive reaction. Keep Bud in your prayers. He is a tough little horse. Madalyn

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