Rhythms in foods

I am continuing to study the energetics of food and I did not realize I was taking on a project similar to learning homeopathy. Foods are much more complicated than initially meets the eye. Of course foods do not act as deeply as homeopathic remedies because they are not made more potent by the act of succussion. 


Another aspect of food energetics is rhythm. Foods can have:

a fast, regular rhythm

a fast, irregular rhythm

a slow, regular rhythm 

a slow, irregular rhythm


The fast, regular rhythm tend to drive ambition without regard for others. This sounds a lot like many Wood horse temperaments. Millet is a grain with a fast, regular rhythm. Other examples of foods that could be food for horses include; sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and papaya. This energy would be beneficial for slow unmotivated horse temperaments such as many Earth horse temperaments. Horses that compete for a living such as racehorses could benefit from the additional drive to win regardless of their temperament. 


The fast, irregular rhythm stimulates the imagination but does not support follow through, so much of this energy is wasted due to lack of focus. Fire, Water Shao Yang(Fire/Wood) and Tai Yang(Water/Fire) horse temperaments often exhibit this type of unfocused excess energy. Corn is a grain with a fast, irregular rhythm. Stimulants such as coffee have fast, irregular rhythms as do most spices such as ginger and cayenne pepper. This food energy could be acceptable for sports such as endurance riding where focus is not required. Metal horse temperaments who can tend to get into rigid patterns might benefit from some stimulating foods and in fact spicy foods in moderation can help clear the lungs and large intestine of stagnant and mucus conditions. 


The slow, regular rhythm helps an individual become more stable and less erratic. Metal, Earth Tai Yin(Earth/Metal) and Shao Yin(Fire/Water) horse temperaments fit this description. Barley, oats and wheat all have a slow, regular rhythm. Pumpkin seeds, melons, apples and carrots all have slow, regular rhythms. Any horse that is used for pleasure riding can benefit from foods with the slow, regular rhythm to help them be reliable, safe mounts. 


The slow, irregular rhythm produces an unwinding effect but unfortunately too much of this rhythm can actually cause an individual to become unwound. Alcohol has this effect on people. Jue Yin(Wood/Fire) and Yang Ming(Metal/Earth) horse temperaments show this kind of energy. They can be very slow and steady but on a dime can turn and become irrational if something disturbs them. Soybeans have a slow, irregular energy as does garlic. I am not very fond of either of these as a food for horses. Garlic does have a use as an immune stimulant but it is not good to feed on a regular basis. I have never felt horses did well on soy protein but until now did not have a good reason for my opinion. 


Balance is the key to feeding horses and ourselves so that we can live in harmony and health. Madalyn

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