E mail woes

I missed checking my e mails for a few days last week and when I finally checked I had about 556 waiting. So today I started deleting myself from forums and newsletters. This was a very hard process for me because I really like learning and being a part of all these groups. I dropped my professional homeopathy group, the cushing’s group, the salesdog newsletter, powerful promotion, book marketing and networking times newsletters. 


I was on newsletters for things I don’t ever remember ordering but they looked interesting and I thought that one day I might have time to read them. I also get regular e mails from like minded people that must have much more time than me. After 2 hours of deleting and unsubscribing I got my e mails below 400. It does not help that I don’t have very fast service out here in the country. Sometimes it can take 2 or 3 minutes to get something to delete. I have read all my magazines waiting on the internet. 


It also does not help that I am still using AOL. Maybe now that I have cancelled so many groups I will have the time to actually take on the job of changing e mail service. I know AOL is behind the times but I know its quirks and have not figured out my g mail account. I don’t know how to get the hundreds of people in my address book changed over among other things. I am thinking I will get it done this year. Madalyn

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