November 2021 – Mid Month Update

Holistic Horsekeeping – By Madalyn Ward, DVM

  1. Balancing your Water horse for Winter
  2. Equine Holistic Resources are just a click away

Winter is the season that Water horses have the most problems. Cold is the environmental condition that is most difficult for the Water horse. Bone pain and lower back problems common symptoms seen in the Water horse, especially during winter. Hind end weakness can also occur. 

The Water Balance formula was designed to help the Water horse get through the winter season. I have been finding it to be helpful for many horses so far. One horse gets very anxious each fall and the anxiety persists until warm weather returns in the spring. So far the Water Balance formula given at the rate of 1/2 dose daily is helping. 

Another horse get fecal water syndrome each fall that also persists until warmer weather. The cause of this condition can be a change in feed from pasture to hay but this is not the situation for this horse. I suspect the cold weather is stressful and the gut microbiome is not solid enough to function properly under stress. For this horse I suggested the Water Balance formula and a Pre/Probiotic algae combination to help with the stress from cold weather and support the gut bacteria. 

Other things you can do to support your Water horse over the winter is to provide a cozy shelter to protect from wind and damp. Some Water horses will enjoy having a blanket on cold days. Try to keep the water warm by using a tank heater even if the water is not freezing. If your horse is stalled offer warm water in addition to his regular bucket. 

Warming herbs, such as ginger, can help with digestion. Be careful to not overdue on warming herbs or they can shift and actually cause a cooling effect. Cinnamon is another warming herb and horses really like the taste of it. Usually keep the amount to a tablespoon a day. 

Digestive enzymes may also be helpful. One to 2 capsules each feeding.

Just a few extra management changes can make a big difference in the comfort level of your Water horse over winter.  

This article is a continuation if an article from August 2021 about using Balance Formulas. Check out the link here:

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2. Equine Holistic Resources Just a Click Away

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