July 2015 – Mid Month Update

July 2015 – Mid Month Update

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In This Issue:

1. Five Element Horse Temperament Typing – Frequently asked questions
2. Mentoring Program at Holistic Horsekeeping

1. Five Element Horse Temperament Typing – Frequently asked questions
TessthumbnailWhat is temperament?

Temperament is the inherited physical and emotional makeup of an individual.

Is temperament the same as personality?

Temperament and personality can be the same but not always. Temperament is the inherited makeup of an individual that does not change but personality can be altered based on environment or life experience.

What are the temperament types?

The Five Element pure temperament types are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. The combination temperament types are Fire/Wood, Wood/Fire, Fire/Water, Water/Fire, Earth/Metal and Metal/Earth.

How is temperament determined?

Body type, physical characteristics, health challenges, and emotions are all considered in determining a horse’s underlying Five Element Temperament type.

What is the advantage of knowing my horse’s temperament?

Knowing your horse’s temperament type can help you make dietary and lifestyle choices for him that will best support his individual needs. If you are looking for a new horse, Five Element typing will aid you in selecting the horse that is best-suited for your skills, lifestyle, and horse activity choice.

How can I find out my horse’s temperament?

The best way to know your horse’s temperament is to have a professional typologist type him. Some horses are very easy to type and fit nicely into the descriptions in the Horse Harmony book. Other horses have significant personality traits masking their underlying temperament.

What is the advantage of feeding a Five Element formula?

Each element has organ systems that are associated with it and these organs can be the first ones compromised when the horse is under stress. Each element temperament type also has certain related body tissues that tend to need extra support. Each temperament type will also have a specific emotional response to stress. The Five Element formulas support and balance the specific organs, tissue and emotions for each type. When the correct formula is fed for an 8 day course once a month or when needed during stressful events it will help prevent physical and emotional problems from developing.

Why do I just feed the formula for 8 days instead of all the time?

The Five Element formulas are not complete nutritional supplements. These formulas have concentrated nutrients that are needed in larger amounts when a certain type is stressed. Most horses are under continued stress due to their domestic lifestyle that is much different from their natural lifestyle. Feeding the Five Element formula for an 8 day course each month will help your horse stay balanced and avoid the development of any physical or emotional issues.

Can I feed the Five Element formula more than 8 days a month?

Some people have found that their horse does well when getting the formula but not as well in the interval where the formula is not being fed. In this case it is acceptable to give 1/2 dose for a continued time until the horse’s system can build up nutrients that may have been deficient.

Will the Five Element formulas treat problems?

The Five Element formulas are not designed to treat serious health issues. The formulas are designed to keep the horse in balance so he does not develop stress related symptoms. The Five Element formulas can balance the body so mild health and emotional problems can resolve but when a problem is advanced you will need a supplement specifically designed to treat the issue.

What if my horse won’t eat the Five Element formula?

If your horse normally accepts supplements but refuses the formula then there is a good chance he has some personality traits that are preventing him being correctly typed. You may need to try a different formula after re evaluation.
If your horse is often finicky about supplements you can dissolve the powder in water and syringe it into his mouth.

Can I mix the formulas if my horse is a combination type?

It is best not to alter the formula by combining it with another supplement or Five Element formula. Choose the formula that best fits your horse or order both types and feed one in the morning and one in the evening.

Should I feed the formulas every time I go to a show?

Shows are stressful even when horses enjoy them. It is best to give a 4 day course of the formula that covers the time immediately before, during and after any stress.

How do the formulas address stress associated with bad weather?

The formulas are designed to bring balance so any horse that is suffering from an excess of any climate condition can be helped by short term use of the formula that counters that condition.

How long will a bag of formula last?

Each bag contains 32 doses of balancing formula. If the formula is used for just 8 days each month the bag will last 4 months.

Currently formulas are available by calling 888-917-8565. The website for formulas is coming soon.

2. Education at Holistic Horsekeeping
At Holistic Horsekeeping we have presented lots of information on holistic horse care, nutrition, and five element temperament typing over the years to educate those interested in these areas. On our website, you’ll find books, ebooks, a downloadable course, and audios to help you learn more about holistically caring for your horses. You can also get consults from Dr. Ward or a professional typologist if you need some extra help. Then of course there is the Horse Health Hotline online forum to help you with specific answers to your questions.

For advanced students, the Mentoring Program at Holistic Horsekeeping or the Tallgrass online course may be for you. The Mentoring program offers a six month intensive training on a one on one basis with Madalyn Ward, DVM. in one of the following areas or a combination of the three.
•    Homeopathy Mentoring Course – Beyond Arnica
•    Horse Nutrition Mentoring Course – Using foods to heal
•    Horse Temperament Mentoring Course – Know your horse

The Tallgrass course, “Understanding Horse Types and Temperaments”, offers a Certificate of Completion for 30 LU’s or 16 CE hours, meets one elective requirement for participants enrolled in the Tallgrass Equine Practitioner Certification Program, and counts as a Level 1 Horse Typing Certification with Dr. Ward’s Horse Harmony Program.

Lots of learning to keep your horse healthy and happy!


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