Horseman’s Health: How to Slim Down: 5 Strategies You Can Use Right Now

How to slim down is a big question in the mind of Americans, especially around New Year’s. Weight loss remains the top New Year’s Resolution, and yet 92% of people are no longer working on how to slim down by February 1st of any given year.

If you made weight loss a resolution this year, and find that you are no longer very dedicated to that goal, fear not! There are many simple strategies that you can use to help you slim down. Most of them don’t involve working up a major sweat. In fact, most of them are just plain common sense!

Tip #1: The Power of “Later…”
One of the biggest impediments to how to slim down is the impulse factor. When faced with a big plate of sugar cookies at work or a giant basket of tasty nachos at the bar, how can you avoid falling for the temptation? Avoiding temptation is especially difficult if your co-workers or friends are busy chowing down.

One trick that works well for many bad habits–everything from eating too much to smoking–is to tell yourself, “Later.” In other words, you are giving yourself permission to have a cookie or some nachos, just not right now. Some people use the phrase, “In five minutes…” instead. Whatever phrase you say to yourself to delay gratification, even for a little bit, will work as long as it resonates with you. After you give yourself the delay command, immediately turn your attention to something else.

You will be surprised at how often you simply forget to go back to those cookies or nachos. In fact, many people have used this same delay tactic to successfully stop smoking. By giving yourself permission to engage in that bad habit (just not right now), you satisfy your craving for the moment. By turning your attention to something else, your attention becomes distracted and you likely will forget about the craving altogether. Try it… chances are that you will like it!

Tip #2: It’s All About What You Ate Yesterday
When it comes to weight loss and slimming down, most people are focused on today’s meals. But a lot of weight is related more to what you ate yesterday rather than what you will eat today. Why? Because unless you have had a lifetime of stellar digestive health, chances are that you are carrying around 10 to 15 pounds of undigested food, water, and gas in your gut. This is according to Dr. Rob Danoff, D.O. and M.S., who writes for MSN Health and Fitness (read more at:

That is a lot of weight to be carrying around your middle. Luckily, you can correct the effects of your past dietary sins, and help your body release all this unneeded and undigested goop in your gut. Dr. Danoff recommends getting some exercise, being sure you are drinking the right amount of water, and eating more fiber-rich foods. In addition, he suggests adding probiotics or probiotic rich foods to your diet, including acidophilus  and bifidus. Now is that a no-sweat way to lose weight or what?

Tip #3: Pick Your Route at the Grocery Store
One of the biggest tips on how to slim down is to never shop while hungry. Beyond that, though, one way to avoid buying junk food is to plan your route around the grocery store so you hit the healthy sections first. Start with the produce section, and work your way around to the dairy section to buy eggs and healthy dairy (not ice cream), and then the meat counter. Once you have worked your way through these sections, feel free to wander up and down other aisles. With your cart filled with healthy foods, you will be far less likely to succumb to cookies, chips, or gallons of soda.

Tip #4: Prep for Parties
One trick that slim people employ to stay slim is to prep for a foodie party by eating a little something before heading out to the party. Eating even a handful of nuts or a quarter of an avocado or a spoonful of peanut butter will help you feel full. This is important because you never know when food will actually be served at a party. If dinner gets served up 9 o’clock and you are accustomed to having dinner at 7 o’clock, you will be starving by the time dinner appears. That leads to a ton of sinning on the snacks that usually precede dinner. So fill up with a small snack, then dress up and hit the party. You will be safer than usual from temptation!

Tip #5: Ask Yourself, “Would I eat this at home?”
Going out to eat is one big impediment to getting or staying slim. First, a lot of the courses served in restaurants are high in calories. Second, the portions are usually extra large. Finally, studies show that people in social environments tend to eat more than people dining alone or at home. If you find yourself dining with other people, look at the menu choices and ask yourself, “Would I eat this at home?” If the answer is negative, don’t order that entree. A meal is a meal, even a meal that you eat in a restaurant. That’s how you have to think if you want to get or stay slim!

See? None of these tips involved massive sweating or going with the “no pain, no gain” motto. These tips on how to slim down are really about planning ahead, asking yourself some common-sense questions, and plain being smart. Not rocket science, just simple stuff that really works!

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