Horseman’s Health: Antioxidant Therapy: Natural Solutions

Antioxidant therapy offers natural solutions to combating oxidative stress that causes a range of health issues from heart disease to diabetes. Our bodies are often unable to keep up with the production of antioxidants needed to fight off free radicals.

What Are Free Radicals?
Free radicals are unstable molecules trying to regain their stability by taking the electron they are lacking from other molecules. The process of oxidation in the body can create free radicals when electrons are transferred making a new molecule that is missing an electron. Some amount of free radicals in the body is normal and necessary and are controlled by antioxidants in the body deactivating them by supplying the missing electron.

The problem comes in when an over abundance of free radicals exists and the body does not have enough naturally occurring antioxidants to combat them. This can be caused by inflammation, strenuous exercise, exposure to various chemicals, radiation, alcohol, air pollutants, cigarette smoke and diets high in fat. Without enough antioxidants to fight free radicals and neutralize them, the body undergoes oxidative damage as an effect of being attacked by the free radicals.

How Antioxidant Therapy Can Help
Antioxidants can change free radicals into stable oxygen and protect cells from oxidative damage. Antioxidants also help with cellular repair even if the DNA has been subjected to damage by free radicals. They replace lipids in the membranes that have been damaged and act as cleansers or scavengers for free radicals. “Researchers at Oregon State University in Corvallis are starting to recognize that pigment particles in blue-green algae may have an antioxidant effect in humans, preventing unstable compounds from damaging healthy cells.” (Jeffrey Bruno PhD, Edible Microalgae)

Sources of Antioxidant Therapy
The best sources for antioxidants is from natural whole foods. Sprouts, blue-green algae, coenzyme Q10, edible grasses, Ginkgo biloba, turmeric, green tea, essential oils, garlic, soy and green foods all fall into this category. With the number of stressors in today’s lifestyles and especially as we age, it is difficult to get all the antioxidants we need from food sources however. AFA blue green algae has been shown to have 5 times more antioxidant capacity than blueberries, which are known to be a good source of antioxidants. Supplementing your diet with AFA blue green algae is obviously a superior natural solution to supplement your body with antioxidants.

Antioxidant Therapy: CoQ10
CoQ10 is a co-enzyme that is in every cell of the human body. Low levels of CoQ10 in the body are linked to muscle weakness, neurologic defects, mental retardation, congestive heart failure, obesity, hypertension, fatigue, angina and compromised immune system function. Using supplements with CoQ10 offers natural solutions to a variety of health issues through antioxidant therapy. This coenzyme Q10 supplement contains 82% of the daily value of antioxidant vitamin A (beta-carotene) and supports heart health and the body’s defense system with a combination of antioxidants, coenzyme Q10, and AFA blue green algae.

Antioxidant Therapy: Sprouts and Algae
Another natural supplement for antioxidant therapy is this algae and wheat sprouts supplement. This supplement contains an abundance of antioxidant nutrition which can help neutralize free radicals before they cause cell damage. It also provides a superior blend of custom grown wheat sprouts, AFA blue green algae and red beta algae.

Antioxidant Therapy: Immusun
This immune system support supplement  is another good natural solution to keeping your immune system healthy. It contains the active ingredient WGP beta glucan, a patented form of the complex carbohydrate beta glucan. Studies show that WGP beta glucan is able to activate white blood cells that are the body’s first line of defense and circulate through the body digesting foreign antigens.

To keep your immune system in good working order, give it a little help with AFA blue greenalgae, an immune system support supplement, algae with sprouts and Coenzyme Q10 to get the antioxidant therapy your body needs.


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