Horse Temperament: Does your Metal horse like to play in water?

I am so blessed to live just 5 minutes from a wonderful lake where I can take my horses to swim. I have noticed that Metal and Metal horse combination types really enjoy the water. Remi, my Metal/Earth(YangMing) horse temperament, is no exception and he will splash endlessly in the water tough. Remi loves to swim but even more he loves to stand shoulder deep in the lake and just hang out.

Once out in deep water, Remi eyes go half mast and he moans and groans with pleasure. Remi is a combo but the straight Metal horse also loves water. When Remi first met my friends Metal horse they bonded over splashing in the water tough. I find the Fire and Water horse is not nearly as impressed with water. I think it may intimidate them. The Straight Earth horse temperament seems indifferent and the Wood horse enjoys swimming at first and then gets bored.

The more I look at horses from the aspect of their temperament the more obscure characteristics I notice. These fine points can really help with the hard to type horse. Management and training can influence behavior but the the true temperament can often be determined by natural tendencies because likes and dislikes are traits the horse is born with. They make up the underlying temperament where the personality is more influenced by environment and management.

Horses do respond amazingly well when they are managed in a manner that fits their temperament type. Recognizing the horse temperament types is so easy for some but challenging for others. This is why we are offering many ways to recognize the types. Then it is a mater of paying attention and practicing.

Here are some of the ways we offer to help you get better at seeing the underlying Five Element horse temperament:

Horse Harmony Book

Horse Harmony E books

Horse Harmony Feeding guide

Blogs on Horse Temperament typing

Horse Personality Type Educational Audios

You tube videos comparing to dogs

Facebook Horse Harmony page

Online certification program

Five element horse temperament typing is fun and a powerful way to relate to your horse. Enjoy. Madalyn

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