Horse Temperament: Earth Horse Immune Support

Because the Earth horse temperament has poor digestion and is subject to dampness throughout his body, he needs a lot of immune support.

Specifically, dampness and poor digestion can lead to:
1.    parasite infestation
2.    fungal infections
3.    lymphatic imbalances
4.    respiratory infections

1. Clearing or Preventing Parasite Infestation in the Earth Horse
The Earth horse temperament is susceptible to parasites due to his tendency to have dampness in the form of excess mucus and poorly digested food in his digestive tract. Parasites thrive in this kind of environment so efforts to clear dampness not only support good digestion, but also make the Earth horse less susceptible to parasites. Frequent chemical de-worming will not clear the underlying conditions that allow parasites to thrive, but feeding the right kinds of foods and supplements can.

The following can be given in larger than usual amounts for several days at a time to help clear the intestines of parasites:
•    cabbage (1/4 of a small head/day)
•    pumpkin seeds (1 cup/day)
•    garlic (up to 5 fresh cloves/day)

The following supplements are also helpful in avoiding parasites and for general horse immune support:
•    Garlic Plus C from Equilite: creates a less hospitable environment in the body for parasites
•    A full spectrum probiotic: is a great digestive tract conditioner that can be given once or twice a month. Any horse can benefit but Earth horses are especially helped by 15 capsules per 1000 pounds.

2. Clearing or Preventing Fungal Infections in the Earth Horse
Just as dampness in people can be the underlying cause of yeast overgrowth, the same may occur in horses. In Earth horses, this shows up as a tendency toward thrush in their feet and fungal skin infections. Adding prebiotics and probiotics to the diet supports healthy flora (beneficial bacteria) in the body, and will help the Earth horse resist these infections. Beneficial bacteria support the immune system by creating an environment less hospitable to pathogen growth, as well as producing antibacterial agents that directly kill pathogens.

Specific prebiotic and probiotic products include:
•    acidophilus and bifidus  ( 3 to 6 capsules/day of each)
•    Pro-Bi from ABC (10cc/day)
•    PreProbiotics from Equilite
•    Fastrack from Conklin

3. Rebalancing Lymphatic Imbalances in the Earth Horse
Dampness not only affects the Earth horse’s digestive system, but also his lymphatic system. Dampness in the system clogs up the lymphatic pathways that drain toxin-filled fluid away from the tissues, and carry it to the spleen for purification. Echinacea is one of the few herbs that supports the lymphatic system. In addition to absorbing toxins in the digestive tract, Echinacea contains a polysaccharide (sugar) that directly affects streptococcus (the bacteria that causes Strangles and other milder respiratory infections).

Equinacea from Equilite is perfect for the Earth horse temperament who is showing lymphatic imbalance, such as stocking up in the legs or swollen lymph nodes. Once the horse is exhibiting strong heat signs, such as high fever or thick yellow discharges, the Equinacea should be combined with a product such as Equilite’s Citrus C/Q to address the inflammation.

4. Clearing Respiratory Infections in the Earth Horse
Dampness in the respiratory passages can manifest in the Earth horse as a chronic cold or a snotty nose. The herb Echinacea is also useful here, since it has antimicrobial, antiparasite, and pain-relieving properties. For Earth horses with chronic colds, Equilite’s Equinacea is the perfect product. For general horse immune support, combine Equinacea with Garlic Plus C, also from Equilite.

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