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June 2019

Holistic horse health is an inside job

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Volume 24, Number 6


In This Issue:

1. Holistic horse health is an inside job
2. Learn More About Horse Temperament Typing


1. Holistic horse health is an inside job

Your horse may not be sick but that does not mean he is healthy. Horses are prey animals so to survive they have to appear good so they are not targeted by predators. Most horses will continue to eat, drink, graze and work even when they don’t feel their best. You must look critically at a horse to get more information because true holistic health is an inside job.

How can you know that your horse is healthy on the inside? Your horse may be a good weight, have a shiny hair coat, clean up his dinner every day and seem to enjoy his work but is he as healthy as he can be? Health is more than the absence of symptoms. You want to know if the inside of your horse is working as well as the outside. In other words, are his internal organs functioning at their best? Are his lungs clear and able to move oxygen? Is his heart generating good circulation? Is his liver able to process toxins and are his kidneys moving waste and toxins out of the body in an efficient way? Lab tests generally tell you if your horse’s internal organs are damaged but they don’t pick up subtle changes that indicate they are not functioning the way they should. What you need is a list of signs that tell you your horse is at 100% holistic health.

Internal holistic health list

  • Pink gums
  • Fitness that matches the level of training
  • Clear nostrils
  • Bright, shiny eyes
  • Relaxed ears showing that the horse is happy to be touched
  • A relaxed poll and jaw
  • A lowered head showing relaxation
  • Comfort with picking up each leg and full range of motion in each joint
  • Tight tendons and ligaments in the lower legs
  • Hooves that are strong and grow well
  • A free ribcage that can be lifted and moved to each side
  • Muscles that are strong and supple
  • Skin that is smooth and free of allergies or infections
  • Manure that is formed with little odor
  • Light yellow urine with little odor

If your horse can pass this holistic health list then chances are he is as healthy inside as he looks from the outside. If your horse missed in some areas then you have a chance to build his inside health. Starting with good digestion is one of the best ways to build true holistic health. Feed the best quality, low carbohydrate feed you can and supplement with probiotics plus blue green algae. Good bacteria in the gut support the immune system and detox organs such as the liver and kidneys. Blue green algae provides nutrient dense whole food nutrition to all the organs. Regular exercise will support the cardiovascular system. Clean, fresh air keeps the lungs healthy. Don’t forget to keep your horse happy. Typing your horse so you can personalize his feeding and management plan will help him emotionally. When your horse is facing environmental or training stress give him balancing formulas that are packed with the nutrients his type needs. Holistic health is an inside job that will show up on the outside of the horse when you look closely.

2. Learn More About Horse Temperament Typing

Caring for your horse according to his own individual needs starts with having an understanding of the type he is. In the Horse Harmony book you gain an understanding of the different temperament types and how best to work with and care for each. The sequel to Horse Harmony is Horse Harmony: The Feeding Guide that goes more into the nutritional needs of each temperament type. If you are looking to gain deeper insight into the personality of your horse, how to care for him or her based on individual needs, and how to work with or just get along with your horse better, this information is for you. Here are some of the resources we have available to help you discover your horse’s temperament type and to help you establish a better relationship with your horse.

Introduction to Five Element Types and Temperaments

Horse Temperament Balancing Formulas

Horse Harmony Kindle book

Horse Harmony and Horse Harmony: The Feeding Guide paperback books, ebooks, and audios

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