Holistic Horsekeeping Newsletter January 2018

January 2018

Quality Time for Cerise in 2018

Holistic Horsekeeping
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Volume 23, Number 1


In This Issue:

1. Quality Time for Cerise in 2018
2. What Does Your Horse Want?


1. Quality Time for Cerise in 2018
My New Year’s resolution is to give Cerise more of what she has always wanted, quality time with me.

Cerise will be 26 and she has been the perfect horse for me for the last 10 years. We have gone to many clinics with Buck Brannamann and Tom Curtin. We have done cow clinics and sorting and Cerise will be the first to tell you that she hates cows. Cerise has shown infinite patience while Linda Hoover helped me develop my feel and timing. She taught a 70 year old friend of mine how to ride and slowed her trot down for him since he was not able to post.

Cerise has stepped up when I needed to pony other horses even when those horses were bigger and not so well behaved. We have participated in stock show trail rides and Cerise did not enjoy those at all but she did them for me. Cerise has done everything I ever asked of her and now she wants to rest and just hang out with me. This will be hard for me to let go of my riding and training agendas, but she deserves it.

In the fall I noticed Cerise was laying down more than normal. When I went to catch her to ride she walked away. My good friend, Leta Worthington, communicated with her and Cerise said she was not in pain but was very weak. Bloodwork showed she had Cushing’s with some elements of insulin resistance. Of course, I panicked and started watching her every minute and fretted over her health constantly. One day I got the feeling she was very sad and what she really wanted was for me to quit worrying about her and just love on her.

So that is my plan for 2018. To enjoy this fabulous, brave, giving Fire horse that God has blessed me with. I will still pay close attention to her diet and medications but most of all I will just enjoy her. Cerise can be very opinionated and fussy sometimes but that is who she is with her Fire horse temperament. Her favorite thing is to have her mane and tail brushed but not with a brush like most horses. Cerise likes you to use your hands to separate every hair so it never pulls. She also likes her belly rubbed and to be scratched between her hind legs. So there will be lots of this for her from now on. She deserves it.

2. What Does Your Horse Want?
Have you made your New Year’s Resolution yet? If not, think about discovering your horse’s temperament type this year if you don’t already know it. Knowing the 5 Element Temperament Type for your horse will deepen your relationship, give you insight into effective training techniques to use, help you determine the best nutritional elements to include in the diet, and much more. You and your horse can have a happier and healthier relationship armed with this knowledge. Some of the resources to help you on this path of discovery include:
Horse Temperament website
Horse Harmony book  (also available on Kindle)
Horse Harmony: A Feeding Guide book
5 Element Temperament Type ebooks and audios
Online Course

Or you might want to just improve your knowledge of holistic care for your horse in general. A great way to do that is to work one on one with Madalyn Ward, DVM. We have a mentoring program that offers you just that type of learning.

Make this the best year ever for you and your horse and pick your own New Year’s Resolution of one thing you can do that will make you and your horse happier.

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