Bud Aug 3 2009

I got blood work and food sensitivity results back on Bud last week and they confirmed several of my suspicions. Bud is still losing protein through his gut and he has increased immune response going on. This would be consistent with food sensitivities and indeed his tests came back with border line positive to both coastal and alfalfa hay.

The Bio-Medical services lab can only do inhalant antigens for the hay but the results do seem to transfer to food sensitivity. Luckily, there are several foods Bud can eat including carrots and beet pulp. He has been very pleased with his new soaked beet pulp and carrot meals along with his free choice low-starch Kool and Kalm.

Another very interesting thing about Bud is the character of his manure. His manure is very small and heavy and does not break down. I suspect could be related to the high protein content and toxins from incomplete digestion. I have been very happy to see his manure breaking down more normally since taking all the offending foods out of his diet. I even several dung beetles working on the manure this morning.

Before diet change

Before diet change

I am hopefully optimistic that this will be the last piece to understand so Bud can complete his healing. I am working to rebuild the lining of his gut wall and giving him many digestive aids so he will not absorb incompletely broken down proteins from his new diet. If I can keep him from becoming sensitive to his new diet then I feel I can break the cycle of inflammation in his gut.

His current plan includes 1 pound soaked beet pulp with lightly cooked carrots and cabbage, glutamine, 3 full spectrum probiotic capsules, 1 enhanced enzyme capsule, 1 TBS Slippery Elm, and 1 ounce Aloe Vera. He gets this mix 3 times a day and then I keep the Kool and Kalm low starch in his outside feeder to munch on.

Bud has been a challenging case but lots of fun to learn from. Madalyn

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