Your product is not for everyone

Your network marketing product is not for everyone. No matter how unique it is, how much research there is behind it, how great it tastes or how much it helps people most won’t want it or if they want it they won’t be willing to pay for it. Sorry but this is the truth. So you have two choices. You can go out and try and convince all the people who are not interested or you can find the fastest way to find those who are.

I have no desire to convince anyone of anything so I choose option two. Within option two there are also two choices. I can take the direct sales approach and try to personally reach as many people as you can using such techniques as approaching friends and family, advertising, buying leads or using the 3 foot rule of talking to anyone who I can get to listen.

Or I can take the network marketing approach and find a few people who want to use or consume my product and are willing and able to tell other people about it in a duplicatable way. At first I thought the idea of duplication meant I had to copy exactly what my upline partner did but actually with years of experience I have found network marketing duplicates best when I honor who I am and stay within or just beyond my comfort zone.

In my network marketing team I teach the duplicatable way has less to do with personality and all to do with using the tools provided. I have all kinds of people in my group and almost all of them came in with the intention of building a business. They are my friends, my customers and my business partners.

I use my company CDs and brochures along with live webinars and 3 way calls to give people enough information to decide it my product is something they like enough to consume and share with others. Some want my product and some don’t and that is OK. Of the ones who do like it, some of their friends will like it and some won’t and some of the friends of their friends will like it and some won’t. With persistence and focus I build on the ones that do like my product and this gives me a network of customers who order consistently and provide me with a residual income. Makes sense? Madalyn

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