Why starting a new business is hard?

Ever wonder what is so hard about starting a network marketing business? We know a successful network marketing business can make a huge positive change in our lifestyles and the risks are so small but still we don’t make the time to do the things needed for starting and growing our business.

I just read this fantastic article in Networking Times about why our lives don’t change just because we want them to. Terry Gogna really sums it up when he talks about events and results. He says there are basically 2 types of events: present-based events and future-based events. Present based events allow us to maintain a certain level of comfort and happiness in our lives, however, no matter how much time and dedication we put into these events, they will not cause andy significant change in our present lifestyle. Present-based events alone will not create a future significantly different from what we are currently experiencing. Your job is more than likely a present-based event.

Future-based events are the source of change in out lives; they create a new and better future. The problem with future-based events is the results are not immediate. They occur in the future. If you don’t realize this you can easily get discouraged, even to the point of quitting. This is especially true with someone starting a new network marketing business. Tacking those extra future-based events on top of your already full schedule is hard when you don’t see immediate results.

Exercise is an example of a future-based event. At first you may feel worse but if you keep it up you will start feeling better. In network marketing talking to potential business partners is a future-based event but you may have to talk to quite a few people to find those that your business is a match for.

Gogna points out that many present-based events make you feel good in the moment but don’t have a lasting effect. For instance, reading Networking Times articles often makes me feel good because I learn so much about the industry and how others think but that does not actually help me grow my business. It is only when I take action such as talking to more people and reaching out through my blog posts that I can get my business in front of others.

I, like so many others I talk with, want more time and financial¬† freedom but I get so bogged down in present-day events. Unless I purposely schedule future-based events into my daytimer and stay on task they don’t happen. If you want to start and grow your network marketing business so you can see change in your future you will want to look at your days and see if any future-based events are happening. Madalyn

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