Update on Remi’s hooves

It has been a month since Cecilia put the natural balance shoes with fill in pad material on Remi. He is doing well. He has a bit longer toe than I would like but he is still moving well. He has almost worn through the fill in pad so it is not surprising that he was wearing through his sole so quickly. The ground at my new place is really hard on hooves especially for big horses like Remi. I am going to be very interested to see if he has built any sole when I take him to be reset in a few weeks.

I have been looking at the Epona plastic shoes in place of the natural balance because they are lighter and have a frog support so they would give him even more protection on the bottom of his foot. I wonder too if horses hooves can flex and move better in the plastic shoe. He seemed very comfortable in these when I taped them on with the equicast.

I took Remi on a trail ride today and he was a bit short in his stride when we first started out but as we got further along he seemed trust his feet more. I feel a horse that has had sore hooves as long as he has will always be a bit careful with his movement until he is sure he won’t hurt. Once he felt sure of himself he walked and trotted out well. He seems so happy to be back in work. Madalyn

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