The Essence of the Water Horse

Water is essential for life. Our bodies are composed of mostly water and the majority of our planet is covered with water. We can live for weeks without food but only days without water. Water allows our life energy to flow. It is in our blood, lymph, cerebral spinal fluid and in our individual cells. It is essential for nutrients to be carried to our cells and for toxins to be carried out of the body. In order for water to fulfill its purpose it must be allowed to flow.

The Water horse is full of life energy and he wants to keep moving. The energy of the Water horse can be channeled and carefully harnessed into brilliant performance. In addition, like the never-ending flow of a strong river, the Water horse can have tremendous endurance and athletic ability. However, without clear direction the Water horse can become unpredictable and even dangerous. Efforts to subdue the Water horse will be met with disaster. Never underestimate the power of the Water horse and his need for movement.

Training the Water Temperament Horse
Some believe that water is intelligent and that it can hold information. This principle has been explored concerning the power of homeopathic remedies that gain in effectiveness when diluted in water. It is believed when the remedies are properly prepared, water can hold the memory of the substance when the remedy is diluted. The Water horse who has new information introduced to him in a gentle, concise way will learn quickly and maintain his lessons.

The Water horse loves to learn but he needs to learn in a safe environment. If the Water horse feels threatened he will want to flee. If this happens it is best to allow him to move his feet but bring his focus back to you without correcting him for his fear. For instance, if you are leading him move him in a circle around you, ask for changes of direction to bring his focus back to you. Make sure you keep some distance between you and the frightened Water horse so you are not injured if he moves suddenly. When you are riding the frightened Water horse, if possible, let him move away from the object he is scared of. Once he feels he is out of danger you can gradually work back towards to scary place and make sure he keeps his feet moving. Move away again if the fear returns. Within a reasonable time the intelligent Water horse will realize he is not in danger and that you can be trusted to lead him out of trouble.

The Water horse is elegant in his beauty. Like a mountain stream or a crystal clear lake the Water horse radiates fluid motion and peace. As the Water energy is confined and channeled it becomes much more animated and brilliant. This shows up best in the dressage ring or reining pen. Too much Water energy without proper channeling would be a picture of the race horse fighting the gates or crashing through the rails when other horses crowd him. Many a Water horse has been labeled as difficult or crazy because his energy was not properly appreciated and his sensitive nature was abused. Once the Water horse has been mishandled and loses trust in people, he can be hard to bring back to his natural peaceful, wise self.

Feeding the Water Temperament Horse
The weakness of the Water horse is in his teeth and bones. He needs extra minerals to be strong and flexible. Lower back pain and weakness can occur if adequate minerals are not available. Water horses do well with alfalfa hay. Micro algae are another good source of minerals for the Water horse. The older Water horse may need soaked hay cubes if his teeth become weak. Warming herbs such as hawthorne will help with circulation to the kidneys if lower back weakness occurs. Joint supplements containing sulfur, such as MSM, may be beneficial for short term use in the Water horse showing signs of joint stiffness but they should not be used in place of balanced mineral intake from whole foods.

When allowed freedom to move the Water horse will rarely become overweight but chronic stress can shift the Water horse into the metabolic state of insulin resistance. The insulin resistant water horse will develop excess fat over his crest and loins. In the early stages this condition can be reversed by exercise and the addition of minerals, especially magnesium. Once the condition is advanced the metabolism of the horse changes so a permanent, strict low starch diet will be required.

The Water horse needs plenty of good quality, food based minerals to support healthy bones and teeth. He can be susceptible to lower back soreness and stiffness that will respond to herbs that increase circulation to his kidneys. Long term stress and confinement can lead to insulin resistance and this can be reversed in it’s early stages by plenty of exercise and mineral supplementation.

The Essence of the Water Temperament Horse
The Water horse needs to move and when his movement is properly guided he can be a brilliant performer. The Water horse is highly intelligent and sensitive and he needs a safe environment to learn. It is much easier to start a Water horse slowly than to try and bring him back once he has become frightened and distrustful of people.

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