The Earth Dog

July 2022 – Mid-Month

Holistic Horsekeeping
How to have a healthy happy horse (Or Dog) Dr. Madalyn Ward

There are many approaches to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), but the Five-Element approach is unique in that it includes the idea that each of us, animal or human, represents a “constitutional type,” exhibiting certain physical and emotional traits that are specific to that type. Viewing the individual from this perspective can also be applied to horses, thus facilitating a better understanding of any given horse or dog’s nature and needs.

When you think about an Earth Dog you think about a Labrador. A well balanced Lab is steady, calm and usually pretty great with kids. Earth dogs love to eat and this is their love language. If you want them to do something, offer a treat as a reward.

The organs associated with Earth are the Spleen and Stomach so don’t be surprised if your Earth dog gets an upset stomach when stressed. I like to give a probiotic/antioxidant/algae blend to Earth dogs. This product supports good digestion and can help curb hunger.

Earth dogs can have trouble digesting a grain free diet unless you support them with digestive enzymes. Some carbs are good but be careful with nutrient poor carbs like white rice or corn.

Good carbs for an Earth dog include sweet potato, pumpkin and brown rice.
Earth dogs love attention and make fabulous family pets. They are laid back and sociable. They are just all around solid citizens.

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