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Is Your Horse a Golden Retriever?

If your horse was a dog, would he be a Golden Retriever? If your horse is ultimately dependable, but demands absolute fairness and a person he can trust, then he probably is like a Golden Retriever. This temperament type is also a versatile, hard-working performer, but not personally highly ambitious. And if your horse is … Continue Reading »

Training the Get-Up-and-Go Horse

Does your horse have so much get-up-and-go that he can barely stand still? Does he run from the far end of the pasture to the water trough … even though he could just as easily walk? Is trotting his favorite gait? If so, then you probably have a Tai Yang (Water/Fire) temperament horse … and … Continue Reading »

Can You Handle the Truth about Your Water Horse?

After several years of helping people temperament type their horses I have arrived at a rather funny conclusion: while many people love the idea of temperament typing, they don’t always love every aspect of their horse’s temperament. The Water Horse – An Example For instance, the amateur dressage rider who is fascinated by horses in … Continue Reading »