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Horse Ulcers: Does Your Horse Need an Osteopath?

As you are no doubt aware by now, since I’ve been hammering on the subject mercilessly, there are four kinds of horse ulcers. But how can you diagnose what kind of ulcer your horse has? You may not be able to do that by yourself because the symptoms of all four kinds of horse ulcers … Continue Reading »

Horse Ulcers: Treating the Nervous Horse

Not all horse ulcers are the same so not all horse ulcer treatments should be the same. I treat a lot of horses with ulcers, and one of the most misunderstood kinds of ulcers are those that occur in nervous horses. While many researchers deny that nervous tension can cause ulcers, I disagree. Of the … Continue Reading »

Horse Ulcers: Inexpensive Natural Options to Gastroguard

I hate seeing people walk out of a veterinary clinic carrying $1,000 worth of Gastroguard to treat their horse’s ulcer. Yikes! Not that this and other similar products were not lifesavers before we learned to use natural options instead … but these days I prefer to use natural herbs and supplements if possible to not … Continue Reading »

Horse Ulcers: Not All Treatments Work the Same

People dealing with horse ulcers often read my material on holistic treatments for ulcers, and then write me complaining that some of the treatments were not very effective on their horses. I agree. Not all treatments for horse ulcers are equally effective for every horse and every ulcer. That is because horses can develop four … Continue Reading »