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Horse Temperament: Kuffs, the Injured Racehorse

Horse Temperament typing is valuable for health issues as well as behavior. When you know the temperament you can more accurately predict problems or choose the most successful treatment for current challenges. Kuffs is an ex-racehorse who I was able to help more easily once I knew his temperament. I was able to use the … Continue Reading »

Horse Temperament: The Case of the Aggressive Metal Horse

Here is the history on Cooper, a Metal horse temperament, from his owner, Pat. She was so frustrated with Cooper’s aggressive behavior. Cooper is a 5 year old Quarterhorse gelding that stands 16 hands. He has been easy-going and calm since he has been a foal. When in the pasture with other horses, he has … Continue Reading »

Horse Temperament: How to use typing to select horse supplements

Once you have determined the correct horse temperament you may ask, “What good does this do me?” Well for one thing it could help you chose the best horse supplements so you don’t waste money on products that are not a fit for your horse. Let’s look at some additional Five Element theory to see … Continue Reading »

Great five element demo horses

When I was doing my presentations at Equine Affaire I had a couple of great demo horses to work with. The first one was a nice haflinger Fire mare that was a great example of how the five element types can look in different breeds. Normally when I think of a haflinger I think about … Continue Reading »