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  1. Horse Temperament: Special Needs for your TaiYin Horse
  2. Horse Harmony/Horse Temperament Resources


1. Horse Temperament: Special Needs for your TaiYin Horse

TaiYin means most Yin. Yin is the slow, cooling and moisturizing energy in the body. The Tai Yin(Earth/Metal) horse generally has a laid back attitude and enjoys relaxing and eating. He is not super ambitious but is capable of working hard doing something he enjoys, especially for the person he loves. On the other hand, the TaiYin horse tends to have slower digestion, slower metabolism, be slower to process toxins and have a tendency to build up fluid in his tissues.

The organs associated with TaiYin include the spleen and lungs. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the Spleen is associated with digestion. Poor digestion can be a problem for the TaiYin horse. Like the metabolism, the digestion can be slower. Environmental or internal dampness can further slow down digestion. Poorly digested food can lead to an imbalance in the gut microbiome and/or parasite infections. Poor digestion can interfere with the assimilation of micronutrients so your TaiYin horse can be fat but still undernourished which causes him to want to eat even more.

Supporting good digestion in the TaiYin horse means we want to speed up the process so food is more completely broken down before it reaches the back part of the intestine. We can do this by improving the amount of stomach acid produced in the stomach. A formula developed for Insulin Resistant horses encourages more stomach acid to be produced to break down foods and this formula is also good for the TaiYin horse.

Another way to help support digestion in the upper part of the intestinal tract is to feed digestive enzymes that also contain spices, such as ginger, fennel and cayenne. The spices stimulate the production of additional digestive juices.

Exercise is the best way to support faster metabolism in the TaiYin horse. This does not have to be hard work but at least 20 minutes of brisk work a day will keep the metabolism functioning up to speed. A slow metabolism allows toxins to build up in the body and this will show up as overall body stiffness and soreness. If your TaiYin horse is already stiff he may resist exercise. Hemp oil is very helpful for relieving body stiffness and helping the TaiYin horse want to move more.

The TaiYin horse has a tendency to hold fluid so if this is a problem you will want to give the Earth Balance formula. The Earth Balance formula will also support digestion and give your TaiYin horse more energy. Generally this formula is only needed about 5 days a month but if your TaiYin horse is under ongoing stress you can give 1/2 dose continually.

TaiYin horses are wonderful companions. They are dependable and loyal to the person they care about. Some extra attention to their individual needs will keep them healthy and happy.

2. Horse Harmony/Horse Temperament Resources

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Have you read Horse Harmony: Understanding Types and Temperaments and Horse Harmony: A Feeding Guide? If you are new to the temperament typing system developed by Madalyn Ward, DVM, then this is an excellent place to start. You can find both in paperback and digital Kindle formats on Amazon by clicking the links above on the book titles. You can see a preview of Horse Harmony HERE to see what it’s all about. Then surf over to and you’ll find plenty of other temperament typing resources including help in typing your horse from one of our specially trained temperament consultants, an overview of each type, an online class on temperament typing, balancing formulas by type and more.

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