Rain, glorious rain!

We have been in a 100 year drought here in south central Texas and I have never seen it so dry. Finally, yesterday afternoon and last night we got over 2 inches of rain. I was supposed to go on a trail ride yesterday afternoon and I did not even mind missing it. I spent the extra time moving some cedar chips and crushed granite around so in case it actually did rain I would be able to walk around my house and not be walking in mud.

The temperature was in the low forties so I was worried about some of the animals. My cousin, Sonny, had a new calf born and we debated about trying to move it into the barn. We decided against it because there was no way to lock the cow in and we figured that if she wanted her new calf in the barn she would have put it there. I hate to interfere with new mothers as it often creates more problems than it solves. Still I woke up several times during the night worrying.

I was also concerned about Tess and Lady. When I checked at 10pm, Lady was in the stall but Tess was still out in the rain and wind. I had to trust that she did not make it to 28 years old being totally stupid. I needn’t have worried because this morning I found out where she spent the night. In my haste to feed in the rain I left the hay barn door open so she and Lady moved right in. Of course, they had to roll 2 perfectly good, $14 bales of alfalfa outside to make room for themselves and believe me they will be eating those wet bales if I have to blow dry them.

This is the first time to have mud since I moved here so now I know where the low places are. One is right outside the chicken coop so they have to wade through 3 inches of water to get out and so far none of them has decided to do this. They keep looking at me so I will probably go out later and make them a little path with cedar chips. I just love cedar chips!

Cerise and Remi were totally dry so they obviously never left their shed. Sonny’s calf is fine and was bedded down in a high area next to a big elm tree surrounded by thick cedar. It got up and nursed like it was a warm sunny day. Animals are amazing. The birds are stuffing themselves at the feeder so I suspect we will have more rain today. I am so excited. I can already see the grass growing. Madalyn

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