One Lone Eagle

My good friend sent me this poem and I thought it was appropriate with Memorial Day coming up next week.

One Lone Eagle

Larry E. Hannon
Copyright May 19, 2011

I heard her before I saw her
Flying through the sky
The moan of one lone eagle
On silver wing – On high

There’s no mistaking that reverent sound
That came from there – On High
I stood alone there on the ground
And searched the misty sky

I used my hat to shade the sun
And then, I saw the glint
I knew she had to be the one
With her shimmering silver skin

I knew the men who were her crew
We’d met in another time
She was the one they always flew
That was back in eighty-nine

I watched her as she disappeared
Into the ‘Wild Blue’
I couldn’t help but shed a tear
As I offered my salute

She was the one loan eagle
Flying through the sky
A fortress strong and regal
I spotted at twelve o’clock high


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