More on Chaffhaye as a Feed for Horses

I am continuing to experiment with the chaffhaye as a feed for my horses and they are each reacting differently to it. To my surprise, Cerise likes it the best but Tess and Lady are very unimpressed. As I increased the amounts Tess and Lady refused to eat their feed with it mixed in.. Remi is happy to eat any amount I put in his bucket.

I talked with Sandy Brunet at the west coast office and she explained that 80% of horses accept the product easily, 8% are slow and 2% never will eat it. She has seen no rhyme or reason to who eats it and who does not. Her plan for slow accepters includes sprinkling a handful over the usual feed for 2 weeks and watching to see if the chaffhaye is eaten or picked around. Once the horse starts to eat the chaffhaye right along with the other feed she slowly increases it. If the horse continues to pick around it she adds some flavor such as apple sauce or shredded carrots. Most horses gradually adjust to the strong taste.

I had read in the literature that the white patches of yeast were totally normal but I have to admit I was still a bit skeptical and wondered if I had gotten an old bag. Sandy told me I could check the date on each bag and sure enough mine was bagged last august so it was fine.

I am still impressed with the technology around this feed for horses and hope I can get Tess and Lady on board with eating it. Madalyn

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