June 2015 – Mid Month Update

June 2015 – Mid Month Update

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In This Issue:

1. Horse Temperament – What is your horse’s stress emotion?
2. Mentoring Program at Holistic Horsekeeping

1. Horse Temperament – What is your horse’s stress emotion?
Cerise at Buck clinicStress is a part of life for a horse. Even horses in the wild experience stress from severe weather, food shortage or predators. Our domestic horses have a different type of stress from confinement, training pressure, separation from their herd or unnatural diets. It is important to be able to recognize signs of stress in your horse. Each temperament type shows a different stress emotion. It is very helpful to recognize your horse’s stress emotion.

The stress emotion for Fire is anxiety. The Fire horse shows anxiety by weaving or pawing in the stall. This behavior may be especially obvious at feeding time when anxiety will cause stomach acid to increase. High head carriage is another sign of anxiety. Under saddle the stressed Fire horse temperament will want to rush through exercises or speed up.

The stress emotion for Earth is worry. The Earth horse may not show clear signs of worry but clues include a grumpy attitude in a normally willing horse. If worry in the Earth horse is not addressed it can manifest as the aggravating habit of cribbing. Under saddle the stressed Earth horse temperament may work and perform but show no enthusiasm.

The stress emotion for the Metal horse is resistance. The Metal horse shows resistance by holding his breath. When the stressed Metal horse does not breathe well he struggles to learn and objects to any change in his routine. Under saddle the stressed Metal horse temperament may buck when pushed to perform.

The stress emotion for the Water horse is fear. The Water horse shows fear by constantly wanting to move. Frantic pacing or running in the stall or pen are signs of fear in the Water horse. Under saddle the stressed Water horse temperament will lose focus and easily spook.

The stress emotion for the Wood horse is anger. The Wood horse shows anger by kicking in the stall and destroying objects within his reach. Crushed buckets or bent gates are suggestive of a Wood horse under stress. Under saddle the stressed Wood horse temperament will refuse to go forward and want to argue about every exercise or task presented.

Stress is going to be a part of our horse’s lives so it is important to recognize it. Often stress behavior is mistaken for bad behavior and the horse is punished which creates more stress. A better option is to offer specialized nutritional support to mitigate the stress emotions. If the negative stress emotions are lessened then they are less likely to lead to behavior or physical health issues in the horse. In other words, if we can’t make the stress go away we can help the horse have less of a negative reaction to it.

Reducing stress emotions is an important part of the principle behind the Five Element balancing formulas. These formulas are very carefully designed to provide each horse temperament with the nutrients specifically needed by his type when under stress. Providing these extra nutrients will decrease the occurrence of stress emotions. We are ready to take orders for these products and expect to be shipping by July 1st. They will be available soon at http://horsetemperament.com/ or by calling 888-917-8565. If you don’t know your horse’s type we have expert typologists to help you. If you have a combination type you may want to order smaller bags of each type and find out which one your horse prefers or use them together. We are excited to offer Five Element balancing formulas and very much look forward to hearing from you on how they are working for your horse. So far the feedback has been quite positive.

2. Mentoring Program at Holistic Horsekeeping
At Holistic Horsekeeping we have presented lots of information on holistic horse care, nutrition, and five element temperament typing over the years to educate those interested in these areas. If you are ready now to take this education to a whole new level, the Mentoring Program at Holistic Horsekeeping may be for you. This program offers a six month intensive training on a one on one basis with Madalyn Ward, DVM. in one of the following areas or a combination of the three.
•    Homeopathy Mentoring Course – Beyond Arnica
•    Horse Nutrition Mentoring Course – Using foods to heal
•    Horse Temperament Mentoring Course – Know your horse

For more information on this unique educational opportunity, see the Mentoring Program on our website.

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