Horseman’s Health: Nutritional Supplements-Getting More Bang for Your Buck

In a world where the cost of nutritional supplements comes directly out of your pocket, you definitely want to get the most bang for your buck. We applaud you for the fact that you are taking active measures for caring for your health by choosing to take nutritional supplements. Yes!

And, we want to help you get the maximum out of what you take. One of the best ways to maximize every molecule of the health supplements you take is to improve your digestion. After all, what’s the point of pouring hundreds of dollars worth of nutritional supplements down your throat if your body can’t absorb it? If your body absorbs only half of the supplements you ingest, you might as well be throwing the other half in the trash!

So how do you improve your digestion to improve absorption? In 3 easy steps!

3 Easy Steps to Maximize Nutritional Supplements
Improving your body’s digestive function can be quite simple. You just need to break your day into three different time periods:

  1. When you eat
  2. When you digest
  3. When you rest

Let’s take a closer look at each step.

1. When You Eat
When you eat (including when you take nutritional supplements like healthy smoothies), you can increase your body’s digestive ability to taking enzymes at the same time. Just because you eat healthy food and take nutritional supplements doesn’t mean your body can use them directly. Many times, enzymes and other co-factors need to be present before your body can break down and use the nutrients in food and supplements.

Taking enzymes when you eat a meal ensures that your body can break down and absorb the maximum nutrition from what you eat. Enzymes also ensure that you are less likely to suffer from stomach upset or indigestion, which is really nothing more than your body telling you that it can’t fully process what you have just eaten.

Taking enzymes between meals can also help. When enzymes are not needed in the digestive system, they are released into the rest of the body to scavenge for toxins and for cellular health and replenishment.

2. When You Digest
Long after you have eaten or taken nutritional supplements, your body continues the digestive process. To maximize nutritional absorption during the digestive process, you need to have healthy bacteria in your small and large intestines. These bacteria, known as probiotics (literally meaning “for life”) live in your gut and help your body further break down anything you swallow.

The bad news is that these “good bacteria” can be killed off by stress, chlorinated water, toxins, and poor nutrition. The good news is that you can repopulate your gut with these bacteria by taking probiotic supplements. For instance, you can take acidophilus to repopulate the bacteria in your small intestine, and you can take bifidus to repopulate the bacteria in your large intestine. It’s as simple as that.

We recommend taking acidophilus in the morning (before breakfast) and bifidus at night before bed) with pure spring or well water.

3. When You Rest
Whenever you rest, your body has a chance to rejuvenate and reinvigorate. You can help your body’s digestive function when you rest simply by living a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle might include actions like drinking plenty of water, meditating, participating in daily exercise, and enjoying life. Will these directly help your body maximize the nutritional supplements you take? Absolutely! Your body is incredibly responsive to your lifestyle, and the more appreciatively you treat your body, the more it will repay you in kind!

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