Horseman’s Health: Natural Solutions for Staying Active as You Age

Most of us would love to find a fountain of youth as a natural solution to combat aging. The good news is you can. Science is finding more evidence all the time of ways to deflect the aging process in our bodies. One of these is as simple as staying active.

Staying Active to Stay Youthful
Recent studies show evidence that Alzheimer’s can actually be prevented by exercise. Regular exercise has also been found to increase life expectancy, protect against stroke and change our DNA making our muscles work more efficiently. During exercise the brain stimulates enzymes that are able to break down amyloid plaques that have been linked to Alzheimer’s.

Besides staying active physically, there are studies that show that staying active mentally is important. One recent study found that staying active mentally produces lower amounts of a protein that forms beta amyloid plaques associated with Alzheimer’s. (

Antioxidants to Support Staying Youthful
To stay youthful, forget about the passage of time. Instead, think about keeping your cells healthy. Antioxidants help keep your cells in peak condition.

Our bodies are made of over 75 trillion cells. These cells are under constant attack by unstable molecules called free radicals. Some of these free radical molecules are the result of natural processes in the body, while others come from the daily stresses of life, including air pollutants, smoking, alcohol, over-exertion, heavy exercise, and poor diets. Problems occur when an over abundance of free radicals exists and the body does not have enough naturally occurring antioxidants to combat them.

As your 75 trillion cells are constantly attacked by free radicals, the result is aging.
Free radicals can react with your cells’ DNA and RNA, the blueprints by which your cells duplicate themselves causing heart disease, chronic pain, and other ailments related to aging.

A good way to supplement your body with antioxidants is with blue green algae. Blue green algae contains a wide range of antioxidants in the form of specific trace minerals, amino acids, vitamins and especially pigments – an impressive variety of carotenes along with potent green and blue pigments. Replicated studies have shown the potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of phycocyanin which is found in blue green algae. (Bruno, Edible Microalgae)

Algae and wheat sprouts  supplement gives you wheat sprouts, AFA blue green algae and red beta algae combined to supply the body with antioxidant nutrition and combat the destructive effects of free radicals.

AFA blue green algae contains a vast array of micronutrients that your body uses for physical well being and to support physical health.

The saying you are only as old as you feel can certainly apply. Staying active both physically and mentally and giving your body antioxidant support, can help you combat the aging process and many of the health concerns that accompany it. Try out these natural solutions and start your own fountain of youth flowing.


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