Horseman’s Health: Natural Solutions for a Daily Energy Boost

codyDaily energy is something we all want, but at one time or another we all have times when we experience the afternoon slump or days we just can’t seem to get moving. Luckily there are natural solutions that can help us stay on top of our game and have the daily energy we need to keep up with our busy lives. The first consideration when talking about daily energy is how much sleep are you getting? You just can’t have the energy you need to get through the day if you haven’t rejuvenated your body with enough rest the night before. The average person needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep, but this is a rule of thumb and the amount of sleep YOU need can vary. A good way to find out the optimal number of sleep hours you need is to pick a time when you don’t have to be up at any certain time and don’t set the alarm clock. Note what time you go to bed and note what time you naturally wake up and feel rested, apply the simple math and you’ll have the number of hours that are right for you. Here are some other natural solutions that may help you in boosting your daily energy.

Keep Your Blood Sugar Levels Stable – Drops in your blood sugar level can cause a drop in energy. Make sure you get your day started with a breakfast of protein and complex carbohydrates. This helps your body set the tone for the day and gives you the energy to get a good start on the day. Instead of eating 2 more larger meals the rest of the day, try having several small meals or snacks at various intervals throughout the day with lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, and complex carbohydrates. This will help your blood sugar level be steadier and avoid the highs and lows.

Nourish Your Body Cells – Part of what determines how much daily energy we have starts with our cells and how well the mitochondria are working. Without proper nourishment, our cells don’t produce the cellular energy we need to perform well. Mitochondria need ATP (adenosine triphosphate) to fuel them. ATP is produced from coenzyme Q10. As we age our bodies produce much less of this coenzyme. This is one reason why children have much more energy than us older folks. Supplementing the diet with my favorite coenzyme Q10 product which is emulsified in organic cold- pressed flaxseed oil and blended with AFA bluegreen algae and red beta algae can help.

Keep Stress from Draining Daily Energy – Stress is a big source of daily energy drain. You can help lower your stress hormones by eating foods rich in vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids. Oranges, grapefruits, papaya, red bell pepper, broccoli, kale, kiwi and strawberries are rich sources of Vitamin C. You can get omega-3 fatty acid from fatty coldwater fish, bluegreen algae, nuts and seeds. Caffeine and theobromine in dark chocolate can also lower stress hormones, just don’t go too overboard with the chocolate since it does have the added calories.

Supplement Your Diet – This wholefood ginseng and mushroom supplement is one of the energy foods I like for a mood and energy boost. It contains Cereboost®, Standardized American Ginseng that has been used for a long time to improve cognitive function and boost energy, resveratrol which is the polyphenol found in red grape skin for antioxidant power, Lion’s Mane mushroom that has been found to stimulate neurons, Agarikon mushroom that has been found useful for cellular support and combating oxidative stress, Cordyceps mushroom that is a rich source of protein, plant sterols, polysaccharides, and antioxidants, and AFA bluegreen algae with its phytonutrients, plant-based proteins, minerals, and essential fatty acids.

If you find yourself dragging lately, give some or all these tips a try to help you get back to feeling energized so that you can get all you want to out of life. There’s just too much to see and do to be kept back by not having enough daily energy. These natural solutions may be just what you need to help you boost your energy level and get more enjoyment out of life.

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