Horse Temperament: Is your Water horse always afraid?

Fear is the emotion that goes with the Water horse temperament. When a Water horse is out of balance they can become fearful to the point of being dangerous. A Water horse is very high energy and when this energy is combined with fear explosive outbursts can occur.

Signs of fear in the Water horse include:

Head raised high
Wide open eyes
Overall tightness with crouching posture

When you see any of these signs, especially in a Water horse, stop whatever you are doing and help the horse relax.

Actions that will help a fearful Water horse relax:

Let him move in a controlled way with ground exercises
Talk to him in a quiet voice
Stroke his body with a long dressage whip, flag or training stick while he is moving
Keep his attention on you and remain calm

What not to do with a fearful Water horse:

Never force him to stand still
Don’t try to force him to lower his head
Don’t stand close to him when he is upset
Never yell or threaten him

Training the Water horse to keep him balanced should include lots of controlled obstacle work that will build his confidence. New things should introduced slowly and in a relaxed environment. Management for the fearful Water horse is focused on mineral nutrition to support his kidneys and adrenal glands.

Nutritional support for the fearful Water horse:

Four Hoofs
Di magnesium malate
blue green algae (form with cell wall removed)
Pre and Probiobiotics
Alfalfa hay
Digestive products KLPP/UF, Succeed or Stomach Soother if ulcers are suspected

Water horses are highly intelligent and sensitive. They make wonderful performance horses when they are allowed to learn and gain confidence. Taking the extra time and properly supporting a Water horse temperament, especially when they are young,  is well worth the effort. Madalyn

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