Horse Temperament: Is your Fire or Wood mare bitchy?

I like to say , if your mare is mean then give her green. Green foods, that is, in the form of chlorophyl rich foods and herbs that will balance and support the liver. I have noticed my Fire horse temperament mare, Cerise, has been more irritable this year during our extreme drought. I have had to increase her intake of green foods.

Symptoms caused by lack of green foods in the diet of a Fire or Wood mare:

Pain and stiffness in the chest
Lower back pain
Cystic ovaries causing lack of heat cycles
Extreme or painful heat cycles
Resistance to being saddled
General bad attitude

Green foods and herbs that help balance the liver:

Chlorophyll rich foods such as Simplexity blue green algae, spirulina, sprouts, fresh grass, fresh alfalfa hay
Bitter herbs such as milk thistle, burdock root, dandelion root, and red clover
Aromatic herbs such as chamomile, valerian, hops and scullcap

For general green additions to the diet , I love Simplexity APA blend and Arenus Four Hoofs. If a mare is especially irritable I add Relax Blend. If a mare is only irritable around her heat cycles or is not having regular cycles I use RelaxHer Blend. If I am showing a bitchy mare, I use Valerian free relax blend.

Mares in general are emotional, especially Fire and Wood horse temperament types, but you can help them feel better by adding some good green foods to their diet. Madalyn

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