Horse Temperament: Fire horse benefits greatly from tail detangling

My Fire horse temperament mare, Cerise, is so much softer in her topline after a special tail detangling session with Patty Parent. Cerise has always been very tight in her tail so I was intrigued when Patty explained to me what she was doing with horses. She mentioned several trainers who commented about the overall relaxation after her tail work.

When I thought about the tail work it made sense so Patty came out to work on my super sensitive mare, Cerise. What Patty found was dandruff at the site where the tail hairs connected to the tail bone. In my experience, anytime I see dandruff I think poor circulation in the skin. I brush Cerise’s tail regularly but have never taken the time to unravel every tangle in the slow methodical way that Patty did.

The reaction in Cerise was interesting. She was nervous at first about having her tail handled but quickly relaxed and started yawning and passing gas. Patty worked without any comb and simply used her fingers to begin the detangling process. Once Cerise relaxed, Patty wet her tail with warm water and a special rinse and massaged the tail bone where the dandruff was.

Every individual hair was separated and when Patty finished you could run your hand through Cerise’s tail and it felt like going through butter. The whole process had taken about an hour and a half. Cerise was completely relaxed by then and her tail bone had no tension in it at all. Several days later I rode Cerise and she was a supple as she has ever been. She also seemed more balanced and soft when bending.

I would highly recommend Patty’s tail and mane work for any horse that tends to be stiff or anxious. It makes sense now to me that the pull of the tangled mane or tail hairs could be affecting the vertebra in the neck and lower back. After all a horse can feel a fly land on them so why would they not feel the pull from the tangled hairs. Not all horse temperament types would be as strongly affected by this as the sensitive Fire horse but all could still benefit.

I have worked on Cerise’s tail since and she has relaxed but not to the extent as with Patty. Patty suggested a session every quarter with owner follow up in between. Nice treat to give your horse and well worth it for the improved movement for riding. Madalyn

Contact info for Patty: is best but can also call (512)565-7580

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  1. Shirleyvh

    Patty does great relaxing work. My Gabriella loves her. After her last body work, Patty did a quick tail sample to show me. I was amazed to see all the dandruff. Also my Grey horse has tail melanomas. My Vet said it was OK to have work done on her tail.

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