Horse Temperament: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

This horse is an idiot! I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this statement about a horse temperament only to find that when I handled the horse he gave me no trouble. He must like you is the explanation most given for the horse’s unexpected good behavior.

Well, I don’t think horses particularly like me better than another person but because I understand horse temperament typing, I have learned how to appreciate all horses and they return the favor. When I go to work on a horse I try not to have unrealistic expectations. Owners or trainers with unrealistic expectations is what causes many horses to be inappropriately labeled.

Here are some examples of descriptions of the same horse without or with an appreciation of horse temperament typing:

This horse is a lazy dink verses this is a nice, gentle Earth horse temperament who would be perfect for a beginner.

This horse is crazy verses this is an expressive Water horse temperament with lots of brilliance and animation in the show ring.

This horse is a bitch verses this is a sensitive Fire horse temperament mare who loves to perform but can’t handle being in pain.

This horse is stupid verses I love this Metal horse temperament who always performs perfectly once he learns a task.

This horse has a terrible attitude verses this Wood horse temperament hates to be bored but loves to learn new things and take on challenging obstacles.

So you can see how one horse would misunderstood by one person and be perfect for another. With this in mind we are getting together a horse swap section on the Horse Harmony website. You will now be able to offer a horse that is not a match for you or advertise for what you are looking for. You can sell, donate or swap your horse. Keep in mind there are no bad horses only bad matches so get those pictures and you tube videos ready and expect to see the site ready to go in a week or so. Madalyn

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