Is Your Horse a Dachshund?

If your horse was a dog, would he be a Dachshund?

If your horse is impish, mercurial, and can act COMPLETELY differently
from day to day, then he very well might be a Dachshund!

And if your horse has Dachshund traits, then he is probably a
sassy Wood/Fire or Jue Yin temperament type.

Giggle over our most recent YouTube video on the entertaining Jue Yin
temperament type, a.k.a. the Dachshund:

If you cannot view the video above, please click this link:
Is Your Horse a Dachshund?

Learn more about Horse Harmony temperament typing with our other fun
videos that compare the essence of each horse type to dogs:
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Or, interact with us and tell us about your horse and his temperament
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Have fun learning while laughing!


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